Prayer Requests

 Here are the friends and family that have been hospitalized or are in need of prayers: 


Vincent Benyshek, Bob & Dorothy Knutson, Julie Light’s mom, Dorothy Miller and sister, Carol

Walden’s friends, Jonathan & Janet, Cathy Jordan’s mom, Connie Walker, Richardson’s cousin,

Ryan Richey, Nancy Forbes, Bonnie Goodwin, Terry Sill, Darla Simpson, Erik Hedington, Keisha

Boyer, Austin Smith, John Wolfe, Kathy Jamison’s sisters Jackie and Vionne, David Rottman,

Laurie Carmer Schultz, Mary Alice Caraway, Dallas Carmer, Beryl O Connor, Amanda Meeker,

Deb Franke, Emily Heims, Bob Rottman, Matthew Mills, Donnie Feaker, Erica Corkery, Janette

Whitman, all our church family who are in care facilities, families of Howard Chia and Larry


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